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Inner Freedom :: Bali

November 11-19, 2017

There’s a place in life where we know the time for
joy has come. We feel it.
It whispers from our heart through the daily routine
and calls for… something.
Something new.

People matter. When you have nearly 7 billion people on the planet it gets a bit hard to keep up with that many people consciously mattering to us.

Life can look like a series of detours, missteps, moments of success or fulfillment amidst a lot of everyday living…

And in this, I believe there is a melody playing through that connects all these things in a single life to a deeper purpose.

I sense that our life is subtly intentional by the soul. We see this in each other more easily than we see this in ourselves, but it is there when we listen.

This is my work. To get us to listen.

Let go of what you want… You Are What You Need.

“…Let me tell you what I’ve been discovering about Adventures recently. They hurt. They are cold. Or there are lots of flies and heat. They can be terrifying. They exhaust us because they take so much energy all the time.

They are funny and constantly unexpected and force us to let go when we think we let go 2 weeks or 2 hours ago. They try our patience.

Adventures strip us down to the barest parts, revealing to ourselves who we are.

Don’t be fooled, though. We are not the fears we find inside. We are not the denial or the stubborn resistance or the lost, uprooted person who sits wondering what the hell she was thinking to even try this…

I was awestruck by the clarity I experienced while participating in this unbelievable adventure. I am blessed to have returned awakened to my deepest passions and having shattered false limitations I had held for years.

There is freedom that is found in stepping outside of one’s known life. I began to feel it on the long flight into the unknown and there the tears began. They carried with them the fears and feelings that I no longer needed and that were now ready to be released.

What I came away with was the most unimaginable amount of self-love, peace, and awareness that cannot be put into words. The only way to begin to comprehend what an amazing gift I received from the experience is to take a leap of faith for yourself and give the gift that keeps giving for a lifetime!

I am different now for knowing what that love feels like. To be able to go back to that knowing and rest there. To have learned how to bring my heart forward and offer that love to others. To know that I am unconditionally lovable and loved always.

Don’t lose faith, my friend.

You have done what most never do–leaving all that is comfortable and known to pursue something bigger. A thing that pushes out from the deepest parts of you. That builds itself as you take each unknowing step forward. No plan. Just your heart and your spirit in concert leading you beyond your brain, beyond the life you you’ve already lived.

The hardest moments come immediately before the most incredible experiences. Don’t give up right before the next great opening of yourself. That is what it is. The opening of you. Finding you are more than you realized. Learning that you can handle what comes. And do it with greater and greater finesse.

Confidence is earned. And it is what you are doing.

Becoming the confident conscious person your heart has always known you are.
Trust it. Listen hard. Breathe. A LOT.

And decide: What do you desire right now?…

Inner Freedom :: Bali

Listen Close.

You know it's time…

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